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Food Sector
Corazza - Italy
Stephan - Germany
RC - Italy
Gerosa - Italy
Germark - Spain
Primodan - Denmark
GEA - Germany
Wolverine Proctor & Shwartz - U.S.A.
Gerosa - Italy :
Cellografica Gerosa S.A. is a member of Gruppo Gerosa & one of the largest world wide leader supplier for flexible packaging film for all purpose: Food , confectionery, fruit juices drinks doypack package, detergent, etc.

Cellografica Gerosa has acquired ISO 9002 certificate on 1995 as well as ISO 14001 in July 1998.

Close collaboration between our customer's & Gerosa technical & Production departments have proved to be extremely useful.

Germark - Spain :
Germark S.A. has over 40 years experience in the Self-Adhesive labeling market. This experience, together with the highly qualified personnel and the use of innovative technology in machinery design, placed Germark among the most important producers worldwide.

Germark labeling machines have been designed and developed to be versatile, reliable, sturdy and easy to handle.

Thanks to their synchronized speeds, they are easily incorporated into any production line and complies with EC European standard for machine safety.