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Food Sector
Corazza - Italy
Stephan - Germany
RC - Italy
Gerosa - Italy
Germark - Spain
Primodan - Denmark
GEA - Germany
Wolverine Proctor & Shwartz - U.S.A.
Corazza - Italy :
The world leader in the design and manufacture of machines for the conditioning of butter, processed cheese and soup cubes. CORAZZA also designs and builds cartoning machines, over -wrappers and case packers.

  • Dosing / wrapping for processed cheese in triangular / round / square portions
  • Dosing / wrapping for paste cubes bouillon
  • Dosing / wrapping for butter and margarine
  • Cartoning machines for above products.

Stephan - Germany :
Batch cookers and UHT lines for processed cheese.

chop it, blend it,
mix it, cook it,
cool it, heat it,
fry it, boil it,
stir it, process it,
we do it

R.C - Italy :
Pressed cubes lines
Refurbished machines for processed cheese and soft bouillon cubes