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Pharmaceutical Sector
Robert Bosch GmbH - Germany
Liquid Pharmaceutical
Solid Pharmaceutical
Usifroid - France
Lytzen - Denmark
Alexanderwerk -Germany
TGM - Italy
Germark - Spain
Baumgartner - Austria
Lleal - Spain
Usifroid - France :
Experts in freeze-drying and loading systems, we have dedicated our new organization to give you total satisfaction : understanding your needs - and meeting them - is our priority and guarantee of success.

USIFROID has all the competence and expertise of a world leader, relying on efficient methods in project management.

Lytzen - Denmark :
Lytzen is a high-technology organization, operating worldwide. For more than 50 years we have been the market leader for development, production and installation of ovens, dryers, sterilizing equipment and more for the pharmaceutical, chemical and general industries.

Our products provide you with an effective and environmentally friendly production, as well as very efficient operation. These features will assist you in making your company more competitive.
  • Dry Heat Sterilizer.
  • Granulate Drying.

Alexanderwerk - Germany :
Our activities include research and development in the field of process engineering or materials science, investigation into online determination or monitoring of process parameters as well as innovative process control. Particular importance is attached pharmaceutical applications in the field of containment.

Inventions are selectively encouraged by Alexanderwerk AG, and brought to the production stage taking into consideration market forces as dictated by our customers. Existing products and processes are continuously improved for maximum customer benefit.

Alexanderwerk AG wants to be a system partner to its customers such that it develops, coordinates, supplies and delivers comprehensive solutions to their problems. Because of its know-how in mechanical and plant engineering, it is well placed to face the continuously changing challenges and requirements made by solids production and processing.
  • Roller Compactors.
  • Dry and Wet Granulators.
  • Graters/Shredders.
  • Toothed Disk Crushers.
  • Soda Ash Process.