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Food Sector
Corazza - Italy
Stephan - Germany
RC - Italy
Gerosa - Italy
Germark - Spain
Primodan - Denmark
GEA - Germany
Wolverine Proctor & Shwartz - U.S.A.
Primodan - Denmark :
The world leader in the automatic packing of diary products , white cheese Egyyptian type (DOMIATI) as well as traditional FETA & CAST FETA in canisters & plastic cups.
Primodan also designs and produces complete lines and tunkey plants from milk reception, milk treatment, dosing units, mini dairy, filling machines, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and CIP

Packing equipment for dairy Industries
  • Automatic cannisters line filling / coagultating and salting plant as well as cup filling / coagultion an salting line for different types of white cheese.
  • Complete dairy plants .

Gea - Germany :
Westfalia Separator Food Tec
Dairy Technology
It all started with the milk centrifuge. Today, Westfalia separator supplies highly developed separators, decanters, process lines and installations for the production of milk and milk by-products.

Beverage Technology
Beverage technology offers a wide range of activities for separation technology. Separators and decanters have been indispensable units for decades in the production of beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices and other beverages.

Wolverine Proctor & Shwartz - U.S.A. :
Dehydration of vegetables on multi purpose three stage or multi-band dehydrators, nut-drying, blanching, roasting, and dry-roasting, drying / toasting / puffing of natural, cooked, extruded and coated cereal, potato products like snacks, flakes, gelatin drying, pet-food, and many more.